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This is a copy of the SRA that will need to be signed before the RV is handed off for towing or handing off keys at delivery




This agreement applies to the rental of the Travel Trailer (aka: RV or TT) owned by GLAMPING LIFESTYLE RV RENTALS (aka: Owner, Kevin Morgon) which is a 2023 CRUISER RV RADIANCE 28QD LP#1NG2342 VIN#5RXFB3327P1511998

by the undersigned Renter.


This agreement supplements the terms of the applicable RV Rental Agreement (regardless of rental platform) and supersedes all contradictory terms, if any, in that agreement and any contradictory terms located in the terms and conditions and/or policies of any rental platform. This agreement is a mandatory prerequisite to Renter being allowed to take temporary possession of the RV for the applicable rental period.


Renter:                      Date:



Home Address:                 City, State:                Zip Code:



Drivers License Number:        Expiration:                Date of Birth:



    Phone Number:            Email Address:



  • Photo of Drivers License        *Additional Renter/Driver information to be recorded on signature

  • Photo of Insurance          page. Include photos of Drivers License and proof of insurance.



The rental period shall begin at: 2:00PM

and conclude at: 11:00 AM 





The specific time for Departure or Return may be adjusted and negotiated by express written agreement between Renter and Owner. Acceptable written agreement can be expressed via text message, email, rental platform messages, or similar digital documentation. Owner reserves the right to charge a $50 per hour (or any portion thereof) fee for late departure pick-up or return drop-off. Additionally, Owner may charge Renter any and all consequential damages for Renter’s lateness, including but not limited to: causal for Owner having to deliver the RV late to a subsequent renter or if such rental is canceled, late fees incurred for after-hours storage facility entry, and/or for Owner’s personal time spent waiting for Renter’s arrival or having to arrange to meet Renter at a later time.



  1. RV height requires at least 13’ clearance, allowing for all rooftop items including A/C units, antennas, vents, dishes, solar panels, etc. Watch for trees overhead, building overhangs, over/under pass clearances, bridges, street lights and signs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER ANY PARKING GARAGE. Most are too low and will likely trap you with too-tight turns and narrow exits. Likely and irreparable damage to the RV can occur. No one wants a claim on their insurance record for the total replacement of said travel trailer.

    1. Pay careful attention when turning and backing up. The view from the tow vehicle side windows and mirrors is very limited. Do not rely on the back-up camera. Use a spotter and get out to assess progress.

    2. Watch carefully while turning, parking, and entering/exiting driveways. You are pulling approximately 36’ of trailer behind your tow vehicle so make extra wide turns. Be aware of your blind spots. Do not drive over 55 mph. Dangerous sway can occur at speeds over 55 mph. Leave plenty of room between you and other drivers. Large rocks can damage the outside and underside of RV, trees and bushes can damage the body and windows. Deep driveways and dips in the road can bottom-out the RV and cause damage to RV underbelly, stairs, hitch, accessories, and tires. As previously stated, Renter is responsible for all associated damages.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. Never let a valet park the RV. They do not have the experience to drive it, nor are they covered by insurance to move it or cover any incurred damages.


  1. Before driving away and towing the RV, Renter agrees to do the following:

    1. Safely and securely stow all items inside trailer. Secure items in drawers and cabinets and don’t leave anything on top of tables and counter surfaces that can fall or roll around while trailer is in motion. Place bathroom trash can inside bathtub while traveling.

    2. Close all windows and shades, turn off ceiling vent fans and close vent covers, and turn off lights, water heater, and water pump.

    3. Secure the TV with Velcro straps, if provided. Eject any CD or DVD from stereo player and secure all remotes.

    4. Turn off the air conditioner(s) and/or heater. Turn off the pilot light for the oven. Turn off the TV and fireplace. Unplug appliances & chargers. Turn off interior and exterior lights, including awning lights. 

    5. Roll up outdoor patio mat (sweep clean first) and store in pass-through storage compartment, along with chairs, table(s), games, and accessories. Walk around the trailer twice before pulling away. Ensure that you have gathered all personal belongings as well as the items included with the trailer. Be sure everything is safely stowed in its proper place. Be responsible campers… make certain that no trash has been left at campsite, all pet waste and garbage has been properly disposed of, and “Leave No Trace”.

    6. Unhook all power, water, and sewer hoses. Clean and stow them properly.

    7. Clear any water, leaves or debris from top of slide-out and awning prior to retracting. Awning, slide, stairs, doors. Hitch, etc. must be clear before retracting.

    8. Close and lock all doors and outside compartments.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. AWNING USE… is at the Renter’s own risk! Consider the awning “button” as the $5,000 button! The awning is the only feature on the trailer that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, any insurance coverage, or by any additional coverage by any online rental platform. Full replacement cost of a damaged awning is approximately $3,500-$5,000. Renter’s use of the awning is implied agreement to these repair and replacement terms.

    1. Awning is operated by the control panel inside the trailer. Awning is located above the main entry door. Entry door must be closed, or open NO MORE than 90*, as to avoid damage to awning arms or door.

    2. Always check your surroundings and current weather conditions prior to extending the awning. Do not use during inclement weather or during ANY breezy or windy conditions. Weather conditions can change rapidly. Do not use where water, leaves, branches, or any debris can fall onto awning top. Only retract a dry, clean awning.

    3. Use awning only if you will be under it. Retract it if you are inside or are leaving the trailer. Retract at night.

    4. NEVER use awning near open flames, over any fire pit, grill or outdoor cooking apparatus, or during wildfire conditions. Sparks and embers can travel great distances.

    5. Renter is fully responsible for damages, whether they are caused by the Renter, other person, acts of Nature, etc.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. You cannot use both air conditioners while hooked up to the supplied generator or 30 amp service shore power, both air conditioners will only work when hooked up to 50 amp shore power.

    1. The TV, microwave, outdoor refrigerator, entryway outlet (GFI reset), and air conditioner(s) are on the same power breaker. Use caution when trying to power more than one electric appliance.


Renters initials x_________


  1. Check tire pressure regularly and when tires are cold. It is the Renter’s responsibility to maintain tire integrity during their rental period. Tire pressure is checked before every rental and tire integrity is checked by Owner during regular maintenance and prior to each rental departure.

    1. Spare tire is located at the rear of the trailer.

    2. If Renter is planning to tow the trailer (delivery declined), Owner requires purchase of Roadside Assistance.

    3. Renter is responsible for repair or replacement of damaged tire(s) due to puncture, tear, or blowout; regardless of damage source (nail, screw, rock, road hazard, curb, etc.). Owner must be notified immediately of any tire damage and photo and video evidence provided by the Renter.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. Always use the hood vent when cooking on the stovetop. It releases heat, excess gas, and some odors. This is for your safety as well as to help prevent fire or damage to RV.

    1. Wait until stovetop burner(s) are completely cool before replacing glass cover.

    2. Renter agrees to following cooking restrictions:

      1. No frying of any foods inside the trailer. This includes bacon, fish/seafood, or any foods that can splatter oils, grease, or fats. The chance of fire or flash-over is extremely high. It is also prohibited due to the odors left in soft surfaces inside the trailer. Please use outside grill or cooktop for any high heat cooking. If evidence of indoor frying is found upon return, additional fee will be assessed.

      2. Clean cooking surfaces after each use. Do not cook on a dirty stovetop and clean all surfaces prior to return.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. Use outside shower nozzle to rinse off sand and dirt, as well as to wash off food particles from dishes and utensils.

    1. Do not wash off dirt and sand inside bathtub/shower. Sand clogs the drain and the gray tank. Renter is responsible for damages caused by clogged drains and tanks, as well as for all emergency service fees for professional plumbing fixes. Scrape all food from dishes before washing in the sink.

    2. NEVER DUMP THE GRAY OR BLACK TANKS IN ANY PLACE OTHER THAN SPECIFIED RV DUMP STATIONS OR AT CAMPSITE SEWER HOOK-UP SITES. You could be fined for illegal dumping (more than $1,500). Additionally, it is a huge health and environmental violation. Don’t be disgusting. It is illegal to dump tanks onto the ground or into the storm drains.

    3. Be mindful of the tank levels in the trailer. Monitor them from the central control panel on the entryway wall. Conserve water, even when hooked-up to city water supply, because the gray and black holding tanks are small. It is recommended to use public restroom and showers whenever possible in order to conserve fresh water and holding tank space. NOTE: The black (sewer) tank level may inaccurately show on control panel at times when the sensor in the tank is covered by biological waste or toilet paper. 

    4. It is strongly recommended that you take “military style” showers… Get wet, turn off water (on shower head). Shampoo and soap. Turn water back on and rinse quickly. Remember – there is only 6 gallons of hot water. It takes about 15 minutes for tank to refill and reheat.

    5. Owner is not responsible for fresh water refill or gray/black tank dumping during your trip. If Renter runs out of fresh water or has filled the holding tank(s), it is the Renter’s responsibility to fill or dump as needed. Some areas have mobile services that may be able to come to your campsite but those services are not available in all areas. Check with campsite hosts or internet searches for your area in an emergency. **If plumbing problems occur, contact Owner immediately so assistance and/or repairs can begin to be coordinated and scheduled ASAP.


  1. Toilet paper is provided for you, with ample supply for the stated number of guests. Only Septic safe toilet paper is allowed. Do not use any paper other than what is provided. Regular toilet paper clogs the drain and the delicate sewer components within the black tank. It can stick to the sensors, giving a false reading on black tank level.

    1. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GETS FLUSHED BUT TOILET PAPER! This means NO wipes (“flushable” or not), tampons or sanitary pads, paper towels, diapers, trash, food… ANYTHING! Use the trash can and empty it often. Trash bags are provided under bathroom and kitchen sinks, and with the cleaning supplies in the pantry.

    2. Septic tank chemicals are located under bathroom sink. Flush 2 ounces (or 2 tablets) down the toilet with water every two days if odor is noticeable. This also aids in breakdown of toilet paper and waste solids.

    3. When  flushing toilet after using toilet paper flush toilet for at least 5 seconds to adequately flush the solids and paper down.


Renter Initials x__________


  1. Tow Vehicle – It is Renter’s responsibility to verify towing capabilities, including but not limited to: max tongue weight, max towing capacity, max cargo weight, etc. Renter is responsible for any and all damage due to incorrect weight calculations. GLAMPING LIFESTYLE RV RENTALS reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the Renter arrives for departure/pick up with a tow vehicle that will not safely tow the travel trailer.

    1. GLAMPING LIFESTYLE RV RENTALS and Renter together will confirm that the proper towing equipment is used and “hooked up” prior to departure. All connections including ball hitch and height, anti-sway bars, 7-pin electric coupler, chain attachment, electric brake assistance, mirrors, cameras, etc. are working and are safely connected.

    2. Renter will provide the name(s), address(es), Drivers License number(s), and photo of each valid drivers license for all approved drivers. Each approved driver must attend the Departure Orientation.

    3. Daily insurance is required for the entire duration of the rental reservation. Roadside Assistance is required when given the option with insurance.


Renter Initials x__________



  • EXCESSIVE DIRT, SAND, STAINS, DIRTY DISHES, TRASH, DOG HAIR, AND MESSES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE TRAILER UPON RETURN WILL BE SUBJECT TO PROFESSIONAL CLEANING FEES, RANGING FROM $100-$500. Cleaning products, broom, and mop are provided. Fees also apply to outdoor grill and patio items.


  • THE TRAILER IS EXPECTED TO BE RETURNED IN REASONABLY THE SAME CONDITION IN WHICH IT WAS DELIVERED. The sanitation fee included in your rental amount covers the dumping and sanitation of the tanks and the sanitation of the interior hard surfaces, according to Covid-19 guidelines, and propane fill. IT IS NOT A CLEANING FEE. Please keep the trailer clean and tidy.


  • NO SMOKING allowed inside the trailer, as well as within 25’ outside the trailer. This includes all forms of smoke including cigarette, marijuana, vaping, illegal drug use, and smoke from campfires. Evidence of smoking and any smoke odors inside the trailer will immediately cause the forfeiture of your security deposit. This rental is 100% smoke-free.


Renter Initials x__________


  • Never put dirt, sand, or food in any drain (sink, shower, toilet).

  • Clogged drains will be charged to the Renter for cost to clean out.

  • Tank dumping and flushing is done by Owner upon return (included in Owners Fee). All hoses and equipment needed for dumping are supplied inside the pass-through storage area should tank dumping become necessary during the rental period by the Renter.

  • WATER ONLY down the sink and shower drains. No other liquid or solid particles. Non-toxic cleaners are the only acceptable exception. No bleach. Dish soap and hand soaps are provided.

  • Cleaning supplies are located inside the pantry and under the bathroom sink. Please keep the interior and exterior of the trailer clean. Insects, rodents, and wildlife will go to extraordinary lengths to get to any food (open containers, spills, crumbs, beverages, water).

  • Sweep out any dirt, gravel, and rocks that are tracked inside to avoid damage to floors. Please remove shoes prior to entering trailer.

  • Strip the beds and place all dirty linens, as well as kitchen and bath towels, into the bathtub or shower.


Renter Initials x__________



  • This RV is dog-friendly. Renter must disclose the breed, age, size, and weight for Owner’s approval and prior to Owner’s acceptance of booking request.

  • No pets are allowed on the beds or furniture at any time. Owners do not allow their dog on the furniture and yours is not allowed either.

  • There is no Pet Fee, as we know that pets are members of our families. However, you will be charged for trailer and/or furniture damage, remaining pet hair, pet accidents or organic material, and the like following return inspection.

  • Be responsible campers with your pet. Know prior to departure whether your campground allows pets and their rules regarding such. Practice “Leave No Trace” and leave your campsite better than you found it. Clean up after your pet and properly dispose of waste.

  • Follow all leashing and tethering rules where you are camping and during your travels. Owner is not responsible for lost pets or for injury to your pet or others. Control excessive barking when staying in campgrounds.



Renter Initials x__________





Rentals will not be terminated early for any reason, including unforeseen issues with the RV or inclement weather, nor will any part of the rental fee be refunded. If the rental must be cancelled or rescheduled prior to departure date at the fault of the Owner, a credit for a future reservation will be issued. The payment for the cancelled or rescheduled trip will be held by the Owner, minus any fees payable to any RV listing platform.


This travel trailer is an expensive and complicated recreational vehicle. Renter agrees to treat it with the utmost respect and care. However, it is not perfect and is often subjected to road hazards, vibrations, excessive rental use, intrusions, and regular wear. Remember that while the trailer is in motion, it is equivalent to a constant state of earthquake. All cautions must be taken to safely secure all items inside to avoid damage and breakage. Renter is fully responsible for all aspects of the RV’s operation and condition during the contracted rental period, from departure to return. The extent of this responsibility is not limited, regardless of the cause of the damage or problem. Renter’s signature on this contract is an acknowledgment of this and all terms written or typed on this agreement.


All issues or problems must be immediately reported to Owner. Owner is to be given the opportunity to remedy and resolve promptly and remotely.


  1. This agreement, together with any applicable RV Rental Agreement on online rental platform, constitute the entire agreement between the Renter and the Owner. No contrary oral agreements or representations are incorporated. Renter waives all agreements and representations. Renter agrees to the terms herein.


  1. Any disclaimers by Owner in this agreement do not indicate acceptance of responsibility or warranty or guarantee by Owner for items for which there is no disclaimer given.


  1. Upon the RV being released into Renter’s possession, Renter becomes fully responsible for all damages to and conditions of the RV and shall remain liable for all damages and responsible for conditions occurring in or to the RV during the rental period, regardless of fault or causation by Renter. This liability shall be Renter’s regardless of whether there is insurance coverage and whether insurance has been denied for any reason. Moreover, Owner shall have the sole right and discretion to determine whether there is damage and the extent of the damage. Professional estimate(s) for repair or replacement may be obtained by Owner. Renter waives any right to rely on any online rental platform or an insurance company to determine existence and extent and cost of damages, even if such entity determines for any reason that the Renter is not liable.


  1. To remedy damages or losses, Owner shall not be required to hire any specialist or repair facility, yet reserves the right to do so. Owner is not required to make repairs or provide any replacement item. Owner may estimate the cost of repairs, and Renter agrees to pay the cost/damage estimate immediately and in no more than thirty (30) days from the date of the demand, whether from the deposit, insurance, or out of pocket, which may be charged to the credit card on file. Renter will be provided a copy of any such estimates and/or receipts for repair work or replacement costs.

    1. If Renter believes Owner’s or other damage estimate (or bill for repairs, etc.) is not reasonable, the burden of proof regarding the reasonability of the cost estimate shall lie with Renter, including the burden of proof applicable to any claims or causes of action in any court, arbitration, or other proceeding.

    2. If within thirty (30) days of demand by Owner for Renter to pay estimated or actual damages, and if Renter has not alleged with proof that the damage estimate or costs are unreasonable, or if Renter’s credit card will not cover the full amount and has not otherwise fully paid the due amount, then Renter shall pay an additional penalty amount to Owner equal to fifty percent (50%) of total damage demand.



  1. In the event Owner chooses to make repairs himself, Renter agrees to reimburse Owner for his time spent making such repairs at the rate of $150/hour.


  1. Additional costs, such as parts or contracted labor, are subject to the same demand and reasonable conditions as stated above. Further, some parts are hard to find or backordered with the factories, and Renter may be charged for research time to find replacements or otherwise fabricate.


  1. Renter’s sole remedy for problems of any kind occurring with the RV or during the rental period is to return the RV to Owner and to allow Owner to attempt to remedy the problem, but the rental amount shall not be discounted unless the RV is inoperable due to the fault of the Owner, which shall be Renter’s burden of proof. Renter shall have the same burden of proof on fault and causation as stated above related to all damages.


  1. For the purpose of assessing damages, Owner shall be required to make, have taken, or otherwise supply before and after photos of any part of the RV, whether to show condition, damages, or losses of any kind.


  1. Renter’s signature on this rental agreement complies with these terms, regardless of any insurance company or rental platform requirements, even if insurance coverage is denied. Renter shall have the right, however, to make the reasonability challenge as stated above but carries the burden of proof.


Renter is responsible for making sure that EVERY damage or missing item(s) is listed below and photographed as evidence of status prior to departure. Failure to list any damage or missing item constitutes Renter’s agreement that such item did not exist at the commencement of the rental period.









Photos taken     YES   /   NO        Renter Initials __________

Date: _________________        Owner Initials __________









Photos taken     YES   /   NO        Renter Initials __________

Date: _________________        Owner Initials __________



Renter’s signature indicates Renter has read this entire document carefully in its entirety, understands the terms stated, and has asked and had answered every question arising from such reading. Further, Renter acknowledges that this agreement contains instructions that Renter is required to know, understand, and abide by before being given temporary possession of the travel trailer.



Renter     ________________________________    x______________________________    Date _____/_____/__________

Print Name                 Signature


Owner     Kevin Morgon                x______________________________    Date _____/_____/__________








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